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Here it is, your round-up of our top EP posts of 2013! This year, our bloggers talked about everything from adult children to mom guilt, defiance to grocery store showdowns — and they didn’t hold back. For our Top 10 list, we chose the posts that were viewed most by you, dear readers. Thank you for visiting Empowering Parents and making it our best year yet — we hope you learned a new technique or two, found other parents in your situation, and joined in with comments or questions.

And now, without further adieu…

10. “My Child Decided Not to Go to College — and is Living at Home.”

By Denise Rowden, Parental Support Advisor and mom of two teens.

9. Dear Woman Behind Me in the Checkout Line: Here’s What I Wish I’d Said to You!

By Rebecca Wolfenden, Parental Support Advisor and mom of a toddler.

8.  EP Audio Download: 3 Ways to Deal with Entitled Kids During the Holidays!

Great tips for the whole year. Podcast with Becky Staples, the head of our Parental Support Advisor team, and Elisabeth Wilkins, EP Editor.

7. How Much is Too Much at the Holidays?

By Dr. Kate Roberts, EP Blogger. You can check out Dr. Kate’s website at and also follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

6. ODD Kids: Consequences That Work for Oppositional Defiant Children

By Kim Abraham LMSW and Marney Studaker-Cordner, LMSW, Creators of The ODD Lifeline

5.  Will My Child Ever Change? How Parenting is an “Unexpected Journey”

By Elisabeth Wilkins, Hobbit-y Editor of Empowering Parents and mother of one tween son.

4. Will This Matter Tomorrow? 3 Ways to Handle Mama Guilt

By Lynn Shattuck, Mommy Blogger extraordinaire, in a guest blog post for EP. You can connect via her blog at or on Facebook.

3.  I Want It Now! Does Your Child Always Want More?

By Elisabeth Wilkins, Editor

2. Retaking Math: Letting My Teen Deal with Natural Consequences

By Anna Stewart, Family Advocate and EP Contributing Author

And our top blog post of 2013? Drumroll, please….

1. Setting Boundaries on Technology and Screen Time–Including a Free Technology Contract

Our most popular blog post of the past year includes a handy contract for parents, created by Rebecca Wolfenden and the expert and compassionate Parental Support Advisor Team, to help you keep your child on track with his or her electronics by setting limits around use. Highly recommended!

Thanks again for reading EP, Everyone. Be sure to weigh in and let us know what you’d like us to write about more in 2014!


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