Child Behavior Problems

A Day in the Mind of Your Defiant Child

By James Lehman, MSW


If you’re the parent of a defiant child, you’ve probably wondered what makes him so angry at life—and angry at you. With the school year approaching, are you gearing up for another difficult year with your child,  just hoping that he’ll make it through—and that you’ll be able to manage without falling apart? Realize that... Read more »

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How to Get Kids to Do Chores Without an Argument

By Janet Lehman, MSW


“I’ve told you to clean your room 1,000 times!” Why nagging your child, yelling and repeating yourself don’t work—and how to talk to your kids so they will listen. Here’s the truth: nagging and arguing with your child doesn’t work. We parents often get in a rut—out of stress, frustration or just not knowing any other... Read more »

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Girl Fighting and Your Child

By Peggy Moss, JD


I recently gave a talk about bullying to a group of parents in my city. Afterward, a nervous-looking dad approached the front of the room to ask me a question. “My daughter is a good kid,” he said, adding that she was just ten years old. “Her friend made this announcement at school last Friday... Read more »

Two brothers fighting

Kids Fighting? Your Summer Survival Guide

By Debbie Pincus, MS LMHC


Why are our kids often at each other’s throats in the summer? The biggest cause of fighting during the long summer break is the fact that you’re spending a whole lot of time together. If external stresses increase—if there’s trouble at work, a bad break–up for one of your teens, or you’re caring for a... Read more »

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