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Are you having trouble getting along with your stepkids? Are your kids disrespectful to their stepparent? Do you and your spouse disagree on how to discipline the children in your home? Blending a family is not easy, but you're not alone in navigating step parenting problems. There are ways to make a stepfamily work, for both adults and kids. To get started, visit these articles on blended family issues and step parenting: "My Blended Family Won't Blend--Help!" Part I: How You and Your Spouse Can Get on the Same Page "My Blended Family Won't Blend!" Part II: What to Do When Your Stepkids Disrespect You Blended Family? The 5 Secrets of Effective Stepparenting

Four Success Secrets for Stepparents

By Emily Bouchard


Parenting in the 21st century is challenging enough with all the pressure families deal with on a day-to-day basis.  Add to this "parenting pressure cooker" the specific issues related to blended families (issues including financial challenges due to uncollected child support and legal fees; navigating parenting differences in two households; children living part-time in the... Read more »

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