Accountability & Responsibility

Teach your children about accountability and responsibility with the advice in our many articles, blog posts and podcasts on the subject. Learn what "being accountable" really means—and why it's vital to teach it to your child. Teen responsibility isn't just a dream. Step by step advice from straight-talking experts.

Father and son and a culture of accountability

How to Create a Culture of Accountability in Your Home

By Megan Devine, LCPC


If you spend much time on, you’ve probably noticed that we talk a lot about "accountability." But have you ever wondered what it really means to hold your child accountable? It’s an excellent question, and one that we receive often during online parent coaching. When we talk about accountability with our kids, we are... Read more »

Parenting Teens: 5 Ineffective Things to Avoid Doing

By Megan Devine, LCPC


At Empowering Parents, we talk a lot about “effective” versus “ineffective” parenting styles. In fact, James Lehman reminds us that it’s not about whether your parenting style is right or wrong, it’s about whether it’s effective. The good news is that if you aren’t getting the results you want – for example, a less mouthy... Read more »

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“I’m a Victim, So the Rules Don’t Apply to Me!” How to Stop “Victim Thinking” in Kids

By James Lehman, MSW


Whenever an adolescent doesn’t want to take responsibility, it’s very likely they’ll present themselves as a victim. When your child says, “You don’t understand me,” that’s playing the victim, because what they’re really saying is, “I’m a victim of your misunderstanding." When they say, “My teacher is mean. That’s why I didn’t do my homework,”... Read more »

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