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Dr. Ann Gatty

Ann Gatty, a life coach, inforpreneur, author and organizational strategist. She has taught in classrooms and organizational training sessions and now works as a life coach for professional and personal development. Dr. Gatty has developed curriculum for college courses, organizational training and personal development. From her work and personal experiences, she finds a continuous need among women, of all walks of life, to find a life balance between professional goals and personal responsibilities. Ann Gatty hosts a website,, which offers stress management strategies, life skill development, and a means of finding your true passion in life. She has also authored Discovering God’s Recipe for a Healthy Body, Heart and Soul. Ann Gatty earned a Ph.D. in Instruction and Learning from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Education. She is married, the mother of two young adult boys, and shares her home with her husband, two Great Danes and a Bassett Hound.

Is Your Teen Dreading Valentine’s Day?

Yes, Valentines Day is coming and there are plenty of teenagers who might feel unloved, unattractive, and unnoticed because of a lack of a significant other.  What is a parent to do when your teenager comes home from school complaining that she is the only one without a boyfriend or that she didn’t receive a... Read more »

4 Tips for a Healthy Parent-Child Relationship

With today’s climate, there seems to be more focus on the concept that “more is better.”  We seem to allow our kids to participate in “more” sports, “more” music, “more” friends, and “more” toys.  Somewhere along the way, have we lost the focus of parenting and substituted indulging in its place? I think the key to... Read more »

Teens and the Stress of Starting A New School Year

With the start of a new school year, many teens are busy getting ready, not only by buying notebooks, pencils and pens, but by finding ways to present a new shiny image that embraces the latest fashion trends, hairstyles and makeovers.  The new school year signals a new beginning and an opportunity for being noticed. ... Read more »