Annita Wozniak

Annita Wozniak grew up in a large, imperfect family in the Midwest. "As adults we have the power to build children up or tear them down," she says about the challenges of being a responsible parent, "and we never know when what we say is going to be a defining moment in a child's life." Woz is a writer and child-grower living in the Midwest with her husband and their three inspirational children. She is always learning. You can visit her website at

Are You Caught in a Homework Battle in Your House?

By Annita Wozniak


The great homework battle comes and goes in our house. Sometimes, my daughter sits down and dutifully pulls out the workbooks and sharpens her pencil and gets it done. Sometimes, she wants me sitting at her elbow and will do silly things to keep me engaged in her homework routine. For example, she'll tell me... Read more »

When Your Last Child Starts School: Going, Growing, Gone

By Annita Wozniak


Every mom I talk with is worried about the food-related aspects of Kindergarten.  Everything from the brain-filling breakfast fuel, the lunch line, afternoon snack and of course, whether to have fresh cookies and milk waiting on the counter at three o'clock so as to entice a full report of the day.  Food is the bribe... Read more »

Family Food Habits Part II: Change Comes to the Woz House

By Annita Wozniak


My husband has taken to calling me the Corn Queen after my subsequent manic food label reading frenzy. After reading Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma, I learned that essentially, the addition of corn in some form of processed sugar -- or as a staple in the diet of the animals we consume -- has successfully put... Read more »

Can This Mom Change Her Family’s Eating Habits?

By Annita Wozniak


It all began with my bookclub that meets on Thursday nights. This time around, we read The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan, considered light reading for the two food scientists in the group. The appalling revelation in the book is how much corn is part of our diet -- as well as the diet of the... Read more »

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