Anna Stewart

Anna Stewart is a family advocate, writer, speaker, facilitator and single mother of 3 unique kids. She is passionate about helping families learn to advocate WITH their children and teens and supporting those with AD/HD. Anna is the author of School Support for Students with AD/HD.

3 Things to Do Before Your Next (or First!) IEP Meeting: Part I

By Anna Stewart


Parents enter the IEP (Individualized Education Plan) process full of hope and fear. It’s a foreign land with its own language, laws and culture. The process is not intuitive; it doesn’t feel natural. We don’t parent our children with boxes to check that say:  "present levels of performance"; "identifying academic and functional needs"; "developing goals... Read more »

Why School is Hard for Kids with ADHD—and How You Can Help

By Anna Stewart


“Can we talk about Daniel,” you say to your child’s teacher, a knot of fear in your belly. “He’s starting to say that he hates school and it’s stupid.” “I wanted to talk to you, too,” the teacher says. “Daniel's behavior in class and on the playground is very concerning.” Now that knot is in your throat... Read more »

Behavior Labeling: Is Your Child Seen as “The Bad Kid”?

By Anna Stewart


One of the secrets about children with special needs is that they are often held to a different standard of behavior. It seems that once they get a label -- AD/HD, OCD, Autism or ED (Emotional Disability) that they cease being a child and become the label. School staff often has much less tolerance for typical... Read more »

Should You Tell Your Child about Their Disability or Diagnosis?

By Anna Stewart


Recently I met a frazzled mom at a conference about special education. “I’m so worried about my 16-year old daughter,” she confided. “She is defiant, hates school and won’t let the teachers help her. She is really struggling.” As she went on literally wringing her hands, I finally had to ask her, “Does your daughter... Read more »

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