Dale Sadler

Dale Sadler is the author of 28 Days to A Better Marriage and How to Argue with Your Teen & Win. By day he works with middle schoolers and by night he is a family counselor specializing in marriage, parenting and men's issues. He works hard to be the husband and father his family needs. Follow him @DaleSadlerLPC or visit www.DaleSadler.net

Three Questions Every Parent Should Ask Themselves

By Dale Sadler


Every night, there are parents who lie awake wondering if they did the right thing with their children that day. Should I have yelled? Was I too harsh? Did I spend enough time with them? All of these cause parental anxiety; they are the demons we must face as parents. However, there are three very... Read more »

Are You Making Your Child Nervous?

By Dale Sadler


The other day a mother approached me, concerned about her son. She described him as being a worrier. After a brief discussion, I asked about his father. She said that his father/her husband was very active in their son’s life, but went on to say that she believed her son’s anxiety had a lot to... Read more »

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