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Dale Sadler

Dale Sadler is the author of 28 Days to A Better Marriage and How to Argue with Your Teen & Win. By day he works with middle schoolers and by night he is a family counselor specializing in marriage, parenting and men's issues. He works hard to be the husband and father his family needs. Follow him @DaleSadlerLPC or visit

Three Questions Every Parent Should Ask Themselves

Every night, there are parents who lie awake wondering if they did the right thing with their children that day. Should I have yelled? Was I too harsh? Did I spend enough time with them? All of these cause parental anxiety; they are the demons we must face as parents. However, there are three very... Read more »

“I Didn’t Do It!” How to Handle Sibling Fights

When helping to curb siblings from their day-to-day arguments, you may find one or both of them denying what you absolutely know they did. Big brother walks past his little brother, and suddenly there is a downspout of tears from the younger. “I didn’t do anything” is often the lie you receive from the bigger,... Read more »

Father’s Day Thoughts: Proud to Be Called “Daddy”

The other day, while at a restaurant with my family, I saw a woman wearing a shirt that said, “Moms...they’re better than dads.” I can be pretty confrontational (being a counselor, I’m accustomed to telling people what I think) but I didn’t say anything. Had I said something, I would have made reference to the... Read more »