Darlene Beaulieu, Parent Coach

Darlene Beaulieu is a parent to two teenage daughters. She has been an Empowering Parents Coach since 2009 and has helped thousands of families in that time. She earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling and has worked in school and community settings helping children and families with academic, social, and behavioral issues.

Emotionally distant teenage girl looking sad and staring off

How to Cope With an Emotionally Distant Child

By Darlene Beaulieu, Parent Coach


Do you ever wonder what happened to your sweet, affectionate, “glad to be part of this family” younger child? Did your child enter adolescence with a sudden cloud of distance, brooding, sullen behavior, and a desperate need to be as far away from your family as possible? Though it’s one of the more heartbreaking aspects of... Read more »

Coach Advice: Listen to Your Worries!

By Darlene Beaulieu, Parent Coach


As a parent coach, I talk to a lot of parents who are full of worry about their child’s future. Parents worry a lot—and that’s a good thing! Parental concern is nature’s way of making sure we attend to our child’s needs. Worry keeps us involved and attuned to our kids. It can even give us... Read more »

The Gift of Unhappiness

By Darlene Beaulieu, Parent Coach


When I was eight years old, my friend was invited to a neighborhood birthday party and I wasn’t. There was ice cream cake and the promise of a piñata. I was devastated. My parents could have asked the neighbors to invite me. They could have sent me along to the party uninvited. They could have come... Read more »

Holiday Stress: Should You Cancel Christmas?

By Darlene Beaulieu, Parent Coach


It’s here: the most wonderful time of year. Trees are trimmed, music fills the air and hearts swell with gratitude. While many are out shopping, wrapping gifts and enjoying the holiday whirlwind, you feel conflicted. Your child’s behavior goes beyond the “naughty list” and normal consequences aren’t working. You want your child to know you mean business.... Read more »

Mom hugging teenage daughter

What’s Wrong With My Family?

By Darlene Beaulieu, Parent Coach


On the inside, parents are often full of worry and concern for their children, their relationships and their own well-being. Sometimes we compare these emotions that we feel inside to how we see other families on the outside. We always seem to look worse. We engage in negative thinking, hold ourselves to unrealistic standards and... Read more »

Difficult Child Behavior: Where Do You Begin?

By Darlene Beaulieu, Parent Coach


Every day you find time to get the kids off to school, go to work, spend time with family...not to mention the necessities, like making meals or paying bills. Phew…you’re doing a lot! Add difficult child behavior to the mix, and it can feel like you’re walking around with boulders on your shoulders. Parents are great at... Read more »

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