Dr. Joan Simeo Munson

Dr. Joan Simeo Munson earned her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Denver. She has worked with incarcerated individuals, families, adolescents, and college students in a variety of settings, including county and city jails, community mental health centers, university counseling centers, and hospitals. She also has a background in individual, group, and couples counseling. Dr. Munson lives in Colorado with her husband and three energetic children. She currently has a private practice in Boulder where she sees adults, couples and adolescents.

Sibling Fighting, Back Talk and Yelling–It Must Be Summer!

By Dr. Joan Simeo Munson


The call came early; the voice on the other end of the line was frantic. “My kids are making me crazy,” my sister said.  “How am I supposed to get any work done with their constant fighting, yelling and arguing?” I listened and shared stories of my own kids: backtalk, whining, complaining, and in-fighting. Ahhhh, summer. It’s usually around... Read more »

It’s OK to Say “No” to Your Child (Really!)

By Dr. Joan Simeo Munson


Why are fewer parents using the word “No” and failing to give their children consequences that will make their inappropriate behavior stop? Before that question is answered, I feel there should be a word about why the word “No” needs to be in the vocabulary of every parent. From the beginning, our children look to us... Read more »

How Do You Handle Your Negative, Complaining Child?

By Dr. Joan Simeo Munson


I have a twelve-year-old child who tends to be negative.  Of course, all kids have moments of whining, complaining, and displaying “the glass-is-half-empty” attitude now and again, but this particular child seems to have a knack for dwelling on the worst outcome of any given situation.  Maybe some of you can relate. “We’re having WHAT for... Read more »

Am I Spoiling My Young Child?

By Dr. Joan Simeo Munson

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The word "spoiled" is a loaded term, one that has many levels of meaning for us as parents. You may envision a nagging in-law saying your children are "spoiled," you may remember a kindly grandparent "spoiling" you as a young child, or an unruly, "spoiled" kid you see in the ... Read more »

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