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Holly Fields

Holly Fields has worked with children with emotional and physical disabilities for more than 15 years in the home, at school, and in rehabilitation settings, as well as therapeutic riding programs. She was with Legacy Publishing Company as a 1-on-1 Coach for two years. Holly has a Masters Degree in Special Education. She has two adult children, two rescue dogs and one cat.

Change is Hard: When Our Adult Kids (Finally) Move Out

Duffle bags and anxiety are precursors to change.  Some times it seems like they’re meant to go together. I survived moving my children to college, then back home, back to college and home numerous times. The suspension on my car survived the pot holes, weight of all their accumulated stuff and sudden turns. I was even publically... Read more »

7 Real Tips to Help You Parent Your Defiant Child

When my son began to exhibit explosive behavior at the age of two, I tried using the skills I learned in college, as a volunteer, and as a professional. Guess what? It didn’t work!  I found myself getting angry, frustrated, yelling, and basically doing exactly what I was taught not to do.  But, here’s the... Read more »

The Importance of Setting Limits for Children With Disabilities

I went to St. Andrews College which was built for students with various disabilities. There were many students there that were paralyzed from the waist down from water skiing accidents or jumping trains. There were paraplegics, quadriplegics, and students with neuromuscular disorders. They were an amazing group of individuals who maintained their wild spirit while... Read more »

Expectations for Family Vacations: Fantasy vs. Reality

Do your family vacations sometimes fall short of your vision of warm, laughter-filled, family moments?  It’s the expectation that gets us every time.  How do you picture your vacation? Is it the family talking enthusiastically around the campfire or hiking a mountain? Perhaps we dream about swimming and body surfing at the beach or going... Read more »

The Challenge of Parenting an ODD Child

When my son was young, I got frustrated easily with my son's acting out behavior. I tended to react, yell, lose my temper and dole out ineffective (too harsh or too soft) consequences in the moment. We couldn't understand where his explosive temper, rages and tantrums were coming from, and it was extremely difficult as... Read more »