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John D McPherson Jr

John McPherson is a leadership and management consultant in Salinas, CA. John and his wife Christina have two children, Fiona and Carson. Both John and Christina’s parents had a great influence in their upbringing, which helped them define how they would parent their children. Over the past ten years, John observed how many parenting practices have strayed from the principles he and Christina have found to be successful, and this led him to write a book on parenting, entitled "Ten Simple Rules for Being a Parent in a World Turned Upside Down".

Turn Whatever is On Off

Now that the holidays are over and we've made a dent in the new year, no doubt the kids are glued to the many new electronic wonders that have showed up over the last month or so. This is part of being a kid and certainly fine.... in moderation. The problem is we just keep... Read more »

Why Parents Need to Speak with One Voice

One of the main differences, and problems, I see with parenting today versus when I was a kid is how parents can cross each other when it comes to parenting.  A mother I know very well is a perfect example -- she had taken to literally screaming at her six year old daughter to get her to do what she... Read more »

Why Parents Need to Be The Boss

A big stumbling block for parents today is discipline. Some choose to avoid it altogether, while others struggle with what is appropriate. What do you do from day to day, moment to moment? One of the things I’ve noticed over the last twenty years is that parents' confidence in discipline has suffered. Parents are tentative when... Read more »

Parenting: It Really Isn’t about You Anymore

Something I see often is parents saying one thing but doing another when it comes to making a decision between what they want for themselves and what’s best for their children. If you ask any parent what is the most important thing to them, they will answer “My kids” almost instantaneously. While I truly think... Read more »

Father’s Day Should Also Be Exam Day

As Father’s Day approaches, millions of dads around the country look forward to a day where they get to put their feet up, receive some nice gifts and have a day dedicated to them. It’s like a second birthday. Every father, however, should also take this annual event to ask themselves a few questions. What... Read more »