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Kari Wagner-Peck

Kari Wagner-Peck has a master’s degree in social work. Her career path includes: clinical work with survivors of abuse, advocacy and public education. She finds parenting to be a funny, trying and rewarding adventure. She believes disability is a natural part of life not to be feared or pitied but accepted. She and her husband and son live with two rescue dogs. She has been with Empowering Parents 1-on-1 Coaching since 2013. You can follow her at and on Twitter @atypicalson.

Date Night: When Was the Last Time You Had One?

Remember dates? It's probably how you got to know your partner unless you had an arranged marriage. My husband and I have experienced a real learning curve over the years on dating as a married couple with a kid. The curve part is due to the fact that this activity that was once easy, fun and... Read more »

Back to School (Can’t Happen Soon Enough)!

Our son loves school. He loves learning. He is looking forward to first grade.  And me? I wish it started yesterday. Don't get me wrong. I love our son but he’s been driving me nuts these last few weeks before school starts! I am guessing the feeling is mutual for him. I am guessing that mostly by... Read more »

No One Puts Baby in the Corner

Our six-year-old son kicked a girl in his summer school class last week. One of the teachers was trying to figure out with me what might have happened. She offered a theory, “I know boys are big on super hero characters. I wonder if sometimes they play out those behaviors they are seeing?” As she was talking... Read more »