Kathy Pride

Kathy has four children, aged 9, 12, 24 and 26. Her second son was seduced by marijuana when he was 16. Kathy is now a published author of "Winning the Drug War at Home". She is also a childbirth educator and is writing a pregnancy and childbirth book. Kathy graduated from Brown University with a degree in Health and Society, and also has a BSN in Nursing.

I Hosted 35 Screaming 13 Year-Olds at My House — and Survived

By Kathy Pride

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I recently had one of the best weekends of my life. Among other things I drove several miles, attended a cheerleading competition (our first - my daughter's as a competitor, and mine as a spectator mom of the quiet variety) consumed way too many unhealthy calories and was hostess to thirty-five thirteen year-olds for four hours,... Read more »

Tough Love: Should You Hold the Line, No Matter What?

By Kathy Pride


Tough love got a bit tougher for our family this week. So never say, “It can’t get any worse.” Sorry to disappoint you, but it can. But despite this thought, as long as we are still upright, there is always hope.  It's possible to get stuck in the inertia of paralysis, but hope is still the... Read more »

Parenting Remotely: Micromanaging via Cell Phone

By Kathy Pride


Despite loving a good snow storm that shuts everything down, I have now joined the group of Northeast dwelling sufferers of SAD — Seasonal Affective Disorder. It is simply too white and gray out there. One snow day was perfect; the added bonus of many, a tad bit too much. When offered the choice of "fight"... Read more »

Neat Freak Mom vs. Messy Family: What to Do?

By Kathy Pride


I am a neat freak. My husband is not. You would think that we would have had at least a one in four chance of producing one child who took after me. Unfortunately, this is not the case. All four of my kids are, well, untidy, a kinder gentler way of saying “slobs.” They don’t... Read more »

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