Kim Stricker

Kim Stricker is a mom to two boys, an elementary school teacher, and freelance writer. She also writes a blog called lifeslikethis about the daily experiences of raising a child with Asperger’s and ADHD.

The Power of Yes: “Can We Get a Puppy, Mom?”

By Kim Stricker


As many of us realize, sometimes it seems the main job of a parent is to say no.  I remember as a child waiting for a “maybe.”  At least a “maybe” meant my parents were thinking it over and there was the possibility of a yes.  Well, that is until I learned and often voiced,... Read more »

Are Your Child’s “Friends” Really Foes?

By Kim Stricker


How can you tell when your children’s friends are actually being friendly or more foe-like? Parents of all children know how hard the challenges of negotiating cliques, bullying, and manipulation of their kids by other kids can be.  Parenting a child on the spectrum or a child who has difficulty making friends makes this situation... Read more »

5 Things I Wish Teachers Knew About Parents

By Kim Stricker


Three weeks ago, I wrote an EP blog about what teachers wanted parents to know at the beginning of the school year.  My message was to encourage parents to try to stay out of the way, as your child and teacher settles into the new school year together.  I wrote the blog because I taught... Read more »

Mom on the Loose: Ready to Pack My Bag and Leave

By Kim Stricker


By the time this blog is posted, I will be 2000 miles away from my family.  I bought a ticket to the West coast and off I am going.  No more negotiating with my children, struggling with homework, or shuttling to and from activities and appointments.  I am free.  Free, for three and half whole days. ... Read more »

Kidding Around…An Excuse for Inexcusable Behavior?

By Kim Stricker


“What? I was kidding.” I get this response when I ask my son to stop whatever inappropriate verbal or physical behavior he is doing at that moment.  I pause, tilt my head, and think, “Really?”  His behavior is anything but laughable.  It's usually disrespectful, scary, and sometimes dangerous.  And I'm getting tired of my kid "kidding... Read more »

Living in the Present with an ADHD Child

By Kim Stricker


My son is on the Autism spectrum and has ADHD. I always laugh and say he can intensely focus for short periods, then is easily distracted. He lives in the moment. Always. He questions statements regarding time and events. "In a minute" means in sixty seconds. He doesn't miss a... Read more »

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