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Matthew Arrington

Matthew Arrington is the executive director and co-founder of Forte Strong, the world’s first failure-to-launch program for men who struggle to leave their parents’ home or find it difficult to become independent. Forte Strong uses a proprietary coaching model to help students find purpose and direction, guide parents and families in empowering their sons, and ultimately create a healthier family dynamic. Matthew currently resides in sunny St. George, Utah.

Four Tips for Living with Your Boomerang Kid

Just like when a mother bird releases her babies from the nest, parents think that once their son or daughter leaves for college, their child has entered a new era. We pull away from their dorm, misty-eyed yet excited for their transition into adulthood.  Then, four years later, we find ourselves moving boxes back into... Read more »

Stop Just Raising Your Kids, Start Empowering Them

As a parent, you always want to be there for your children—whether that’s congratulating them in their victories or consoling them in their defeats.  And while this is a natural tendency, this type of behavior can sometimes have unintended effects; it could even become harmful. Indeed, intervening too frequently throughout your child’s life could stifle... Read more »