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Melody is a wife and mother of three beautiful children ages 9, 8, and 3 years, each with their own challenges. A certified teacher, now a stay-at-home mom and family daycare provider, her days are filled with activity that engage a tremendous measure of energy, stamina, and courage! Melody blogs at My Twisted Stitches and is also a parent blogger for Empowering Parents.

Mom Needs Earplugs

OMG, the constant cacophony of chaos in my home makes me insane!  My two ADHD children and my imaginative musical preschooler make for a great deal of noise.  Between the chatter of blatant antagonism, the shrieks of irritable frustration, and the riotous laughter of play, the decibel level in my home is frequently a +10. I'm... Read more »

Child on a Leash: Tethering My Toddler on a Wrist-to-Wrist Link

The other day a two-year-old touring NYC with her parents fell into the East River.She darted away, slipped and slid saliently into the water in an instant. Fortunately, she was saved by her alert father within moments. He's my hero. As a Mom with ADHD and three young and impulsive children (including a two-year-old) I... Read more »