Nichole Padmore

Nichole Padmore is a dedicated mother, and freelance writer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is a regular contributor to Baby Gaga, a pregnancy and parenting website. She has a diploma in Broadcasting – Radio & Television with high honors from Seneca College. In the past, Nichole worked at The Sports Network, The Discovery Channel, and Global Television in various technical roles. Not only does she love her daughter, her family, and her friends, but she also loves words. Nichole is a wordsmith – the result of playing online Scrabble every day.

3 Ways to Protect Your Children’s Photos Online

By Nichole Padmore


As parents, we worry about the safety of our kids. These days, modern technology and social media platforms make it even harder to protect their identities. Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and other social media websites make it easy for people around the globe to share memories. Sadly, they also make it convenient for identity thieves and... Read more »