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Sandra Steiner

Sandra Steiner is a published Inspirational author, blogger and grandparent. Sandra writes to encourage and inspire those around her to live life to its fullest. She lives on beautiful Vancouver Island in Victoria, BC with her husband and fur babies.

Sharing the Memories

Those that follow my blog are aware that my oldest child, and only daughter, passed away in a motor vehicle accident in 2004.  The days that followed are not ones that I want to remember; but as a survivor of that horrific accident, they are burned into my memory.  That February morning, I woke with... Read more »

My Divorce and My Children

Divorce is something that happens between two adults, not unlike marriage.  It is the formal dissolution of a relationship that, for whatever reason, did not work out.  It is not, however, permission to talk negatively about your children’s other parent or their families, as the case may be. The death of a child puts enormous strain... Read more »

Keeping the Memories Alive

As the holiday season comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on how important it is to talk with the ones we love about family and friends who have passed.  Telling stories and remembering the people that are missing can be bittersweet, it’s true; but, for those of us who knew them, it keeps... Read more »

Profound Loss

When a child dies, the sense of unfairness in the world is magnified.  Children are meant to live full and productive lives; and as parents, we have so many hopes and dreams for them.  The parents of that child, no matter the age, need our compassion and care at this most difficult moment in their... Read more »

Encouraging Your Child to Read

As parents, we know that throughout their lives, our children will benefit in so many ways from well-developed reading skills.  That’s why we start teaching them when they are little, sitting and reading to our kids, pointing out words and pictures.  And young children typically experience joy when first learning to read.  But as they... Read more »

Long Distance Grandma

I became a grandmother in 2010, and the experience is as delightful as I thought it would be!  My grandson was welcomed into our family with great joy.  Initially, I spent as much time as I could with him and his parents. Often, they were at my house a week or two at a time. ... Read more »