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RJ Jaramillo is a single father of three and the founder of While facing the daily challenges of raising three children on his own after his divorce, RJ realized how few resources were available to help him during this journey. He started in 2007. RJ lives in Southern California with his family.

Have I Been Replaced? Divorce and the Single Parent

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How do you react when you discover that your children are spending a lot of time with your ex-wife’s new boyfriend? founder, RJ Jaramillo, shares his firsthand experiences. Most newly divorced men come to the realization that their new life as a divorced dad comes with a consequence: you and your ex-wife will move on... Read more »

How to Talk to Your Kids about the Death of a Family Pet

By Single Dad


In this blog post, SingleDad Founder, Richard RJ Jaramillo discusses dealing with the loss of a family pet and gives parents helpful tips on how to talk about it with their kids. I had a surreal moment two years ago. I was in my old house, sitting in familiar surroundings. My ex-wife, Susan, was in the... Read more »

Parents Behaving Badly at Sporting Events!

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Who hasn’t been at a child’s baseball, t-ball or soccer game gleefully cheering on their children, only to witness embarrassing behavior and even vulgar language coming from other fans? I’m always amazed at the messages sent by adults watching professional sports, but I'm actually shocked when I see some of that same behavior in the... Read more »

Valentine’s Day as a Single Parent: Turn the Blues Around

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Certain holidays and celebrations can be a little bit more difficult than others for a single parent. Valentine’s Day used to be one of those holidays for me, but I learned some fun personal and practical family activities to celebrate without feeling the "Valentine Blues" as a single dad. Valentine’s Day with your Children The first thing... Read more »

Must-do for Single Parents: Create a Life Plan for 2009

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One of the most important things a single parent can do at the end of the year is to get your family involved in Life Planning. Life planning is more than just goal-setting and new year’s resolutions. It’s about living your life next year with purpose and passion. Its foundation is based on your discovery of... Read more »