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Abusive & Violent Behavior

On #AdrianPeterson and Parent Training

The Adrian Peterson story has ignited a debate about corporal punishment in our country—particularly around whether it’s ok to use the same methods of physical discipline some of our parents used on us. I’m seeing comments that run from one extreme to the other on social media: “My dad used a switch on me, and I... Read more »

Students Describe Alleged Ohio Gunman as “Sweet, Sad”

Sweet? Sad? Gunman? which of these words doesn't belong here? It's gunman. We'd like to think that the person with the gun at the recent school shooting in Ohio was a gunman.  A full-grown adult.  Someone mature.  Someone who has no future.  Someone who is capable of taking full responsibility for his/her actions. Then the shooting  would be... Read more »

Third Graders Plot to Kill Teacher Uncovered: What Next?

A group of third-graders—kids ages 8-10—were caught plotting to attack and kill their elementary school teacher. They even had assigned roles—one child was going to blacken the windows of the classroom, and another was going to clean up afterward. The nine boys and girls in the learning disabilities class (kids in the class have ADHD,... Read more »