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Adolescent & Teen Behavior

Does Your Teen Have Senioritis? 5 Tips for Parents

Does your teen have a bad case of senioritis? If so, he or she may be skipping school, slacking off on projects, and generally treating school as if it's elective rather than compulsory. Needless to say, this can be challenging for you, your child's teachers—and your teen, too. It's useful to remember that this too,... Read more »

How to Say “No” to Your Willful Teenage Daughter

I realized recently that if I'm going to protect my daughter, sometimes the answer has to be "no."  This isn't the fun part of being a parent. My daughter looks so mature. She tells me she can handle it; I can trust her. She has it under control. She’s so convincing. It sometimes feels like I'm talking to someone... Read more »

Miley Cyrus: Is She Lost in Transition from Child to Adult?

From the Editor: Today's post on Miley Cyrus's bumpy transition to the adult years comes from Dr. Kate Roberts, a Boston-area psychologist who's worked with parents and families for 25 years. Miley Cyrus’s recent behavior has been making the headlines lately, with many parents understandably up in arms over her complete image change -- and her... Read more »

Studies Say Teens Not Keen to Drive: What Gives?

Believe it or not, according to recent studies, the entire nation is experiencing a decline in teenagers applying for driver's licenses. While 80% of 18-year-olds obtained their licenses in the 1980s, even before the Great Recession began in 2008, that number had dropped to 65%. Multiple theories abound as to why teens consider obtaining a driver's license... Read more »