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How a Mentor Helped our Adopted Child

In 2005, I adopted two older boys from Poland.  A joyous event for sure, but sometimes I felt at a loss about how to help them.  During those early years, their behaviors were often out of control and solutions were hard to find.  I struggled daily, trying to find ways to understand their needs and... Read more »

Building a Blended Family

Having adopted children from Poland nine years ago, I can look back now and see that blending children who had been neglected into a family that has love to give is much more complex than we ever realized. Overseas adoption is a process that is fraught with anxiety and uncertainty right from the start.  Revisiting diary... Read more »

How I Talk to My Children about Their Adoption

Guest Blogger Regina Radomski is studying to be an Elite life coach and has written a book about her own family's adoption journey, From Half to Whole.  Regina is also launching, in the near future, a program in Adoptive Family Planning. Being an adoptive mom of older children, I have dealt with the “talk” in many different... Read more »