Adult Children

Four Tips for Living with Your Boomerang Kid

By Matthew Arrington


Just like when a mother bird releases her babies from the nest, parents think that once their son or daughter leaves for college, their child has entered a new era. We pull away from their dorm, misty-eyed yet excited for their transition into adulthood.  Then, four years later, we find ourselves moving boxes back into... Read more »

Parents’ Top 3 College Concerns

By RebeccaW, Parent Coach


Back-to-school can bring up many emotions for parents.  One of the more emotional and difficult transitions can be when a child goes to college.  We recently asked the readers of Empowering Parents about the challenges and concerns they have about their child attending college, and we received some great responses (You can view the full... Read more »

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“I’m 18 — You Can’t Tell Me What to Do!” Is Your Young Adult Child Breaking House Rules?

By Denise Rowden, Parent Coach


Many parents struggle with their just-turned-18, newly-minted adult children refusing to follow house rules and waving the, “I’m an adult. You can’t tell me what to do,” banner every time the parent confronts an issue of broken rules or disrespect. For many families, the transition from adolescence into adulthood is one of the more difficult ones for both parent... Read more »

Change is Hard: When Our Adult Kids (Finally) Move Out

By Holly Fields


Duffle bags and anxiety are precursors to change.  Some times it seems like they’re meant to go together. I survived moving my children to college, then back home, back to college and home numerous times. The suspension on my car survived the pot holes, weight of all their accumulated stuff and sudden turns. I was even publically... Read more »

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Tough Love: Should You Hold the Line, No Matter What?

By Kathy Pride


Tough love got a bit tougher for our family this week. So never say, “It can’t get any worse.” Sorry to disappoint you, but it can. But despite this thought, as long as we are still upright, there is always hope.  It's possible to get stuck in the inertia of paralysis, but hope is still the... Read more »