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Anxiety & Depression

Your Child’s Negative Emotions: A Learning Opportunity

As a parent, how often do you find yourself saying the following things when your child displays anger, frustration or anxiety? “Don’t be upset, it’s okay.” “You’re being silly…just stop it!” “Don’t cry, be a big boy/girl.” You want your child to feel better when they’re upset, so your intentions are in the right place. You don’t want... Read more »

Does My Child Need To See A Therapist?

Your seven-year-old son, Justin, is so embarrassing.  He approaches adults and asks personal questions that seem inappropriate.  He seems to have no sense of shame, and little interest in conforming to social norms.  You cringe at the thought of taking him to family affairs and public events, where you never know what kind of catastrophe... Read more »

Are You Making Your Child Nervous?

The other day a mother approached me, concerned about her son. She described him as being a worrier. After a brief discussion, I asked about his father. She said that his father/her husband was very active in their son’s life, but went on to say that she believed her son’s anxiety had a lot to... Read more »

How Do You Handle Your Child’s Anxiety?

Does your child tend to be nervous, avoidant, annoying or exhausting? Is your child expressing fear that is beginning to turn into anger? Anxiety in children is more common than you think.  Approximately 1 out of 10 children suffers from an anxiety disorder. Parents face special challenges handling anxiety in children because of their often hectic,... Read more »

Zombie Phobia: Do You Have an Anxious Child?

Zombie Phobia. Yes, this is what the psychiatrist tells me my son has. Not OCD, as I expected after hours of researching "obsessive thoughts" on the Internet. My son was 11 at the time. He has high levels of anxiety, THAT we knew. This is a child who, I discovered from almost birth, needed to... Read more »