Backtalk & Attitude

Do Skateboards Come With Attitudes?

By Susan Engel


*Sigh*… Kids and their wheels.  It all starts out so young and innocent, doesn’t it?  I remember dragging around a Fisher-Price “Little Snoopy” dog as a tot (which, other than being a beagle, doesn’t look like the Peanuts’ Snoopy at all).  Then I had one of those rickety, old, metal baby walkers from the (ahem!) late... Read more »

How Do You Handle Your Negative, Complaining Child?

By Dr. Joan Simeo Munson


I have a twelve-year-old child who tends to be negative.  Of course, all kids have moments of whining, complaining, and displaying “the glass-is-half-empty” attitude now and again, but this particular child seems to have a knack for dwelling on the worst outcome of any given situation.  Maybe some of you can relate. “We’re having WHAT for... Read more »

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