Backtalk & Attitude

Do Skateboards Come With Attitudes?

By Susan Engel


*Sigh*… Kids and their wheels.  It all starts out so young and innocent, doesn’t it?  I remember dragging around a Fisher-Price “Little Snoopy” dog as a tot (which, other than being a beagle, doesn’t look like the Peanuts’ Snoopy at all).  Then I had one of those rickety, old, metal baby walkers from the (ahem!) late... Read more »

If Kids Who Talk Back Are Gifted, Then I’m Raising Geniuses!

By Annita Wozniak


A new study asks, Are certain parenting techniques, like using commands with kids, short-circuiting brain development? Tracking more than 8,000 children, the findings suggest that regardless of socioeconomic background, small differences in communication style can have an impact on children. Evidently, "Mothers and fathers who mainly talk to their offspring using commands rather than reasoning,... Read more »

How Do You Handle Your Negative, Complaining Child?

By Dr. Joan Simeo Munson


I have a twelve-year-old child who tends to be negative.  Of course, all kids have moments of whining, complaining, and displaying “the glass-is-half-empty” attitude now and again, but this particular child seems to have a knack for dwelling on the worst outcome of any given situation.  Maybe some of you can relate. “We’re having WHAT for... Read more »

Choice Words 2: Battle of Bad Language Continues

By Lola Howle


A little while ago, I blogged about starting to address my 13-year-old son’s offensive language. The changes started slowly, but he showed some improvement with consistent feedback. Whenever he slipped, he lost a specific video game or went to bed earlier. But the issue still hangs on. We both need more practice. I am working on... Read more »

Choice Words: Tackling Four-Letter Words with My Teen

By Lola Howle


I’m proud to say I have seen a glimmer of hope with my 13 year old son recently. Deciding to start small, I began addressing his bad language. Like most people, I slip occasionally and let fly a curse word or two in his presence. (Sometimes related to something he did or didn’t do.) I... Read more »