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Blended / Step Families

Stop the Stereotyping

For some single parents, the weight of the world often sits squarely on our shoulders. We are responsible for an incredible amount of things, duties, and actions. It’s not enough to pay the mortgage, be smart when making a purchase and keep the floors relatively clean – we are also responsible for our children. Now... Read more »

How to Negotiate the Holiday Visitation Schedule

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means it’s time to go into hard-core negotiations regarding the visitation schedule for our kids. My husband and I need to coordinate with three separate families to be sure everyone gets to spend their fair share of time with the children, hopefully when festivities are scheduled, and without stepping on anyone’s... Read more »

The Art of Staying Out Of an Argument with Your Stepchild

I am presently helping to raise my second "blended family."  I consider my first blended family a success story due to the fact that I never said a negative word about my stepchildren’s mother and she became a very supportive liaison when I divorced my stepchildren’s dad.  Also, maintaining a loving and positive relationship with... Read more »

“Can You Take Him?” When My Stepson Came to Live with Us

The email came unexpectedly last year, in the middle of a fairly normal afternoon. My husband's ex decided she could no longer manage their 9-year-old's behaviors and asked if we'd let him move in with us. We could not believe what we were reading! Of course we'd take him! We were elated. We were already... Read more »