Would You Confront Your Child’s Bully?



Would you -- and should you -- confront your child’s bully? There have been multiple stories in the news recently of parents dealing with their child’s bully and taking matters into their own hands. Recently, a woman in New Jersey was charged with criminal trespass, simple assault and making terroristic threats for boarding a school bus... Read more »

Bullying Brother: When Your Home is Ground Zero



The weekend morning is quiet; the boys are sleeping in. But if today is like most mornings I can bet on what will soon happen. My eight-year-old son will wake up first. He will wander in and say good morning or head to the television. He will find some cartoons to watch or he may... Read more »

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When Your Child is the Bully: No Easy Answers



The principal at my son’s school and I are on a first name basis and it’s not because I am the president of the PTA. No, it’s because my son is a bully. I wonder whether other parents -- parents of non-bullies -- have ever given much thought to my position. I choose to bravely volunteer at... Read more »

Help! What Do You Do When Your Child is Excluded?



School started off with a bang this year, and all seemed to be going well until last week, when my 5-year-old son began coming home and reporting that "no one would play with him" and "nobody wanted to be his friend." My stomach twisted into a knot as I watched him dejectedly kicking the rocks... Read more »

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