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Bullying or Criminal Assault? 12-year-old Bailey O’Neill Dies After Being Taken Off Life Support

Bullying victim Bailey O'Neill died Sunday, from injuries sustained while being beaten on a school playground in suburban Philadelphia. He suffered a broken nose and a concussion that caused subsequent seizures, which forced doctors to put him into a medically-induced coma in January. Yesterday Bailey was taken off life support. On Saturday, Bailey turned 12. I cannot imagine the... Read more »

Would You Confront Your Child’s Bully?

Would you -- and should you -- confront your child’s bully? There have been multiple stories in the news recently of parents dealing with their child’s bully and taking matters into their own hands. Recently, a woman in New Jersey was charged with criminal trespass, simple assault and making terroristic threats for boarding a school bus... Read more »

Should Bullied Kids Get Plastic Surgery?

When I read the article about the bullied girl who had plastic surgery on her ears, nose and chin because she was tired of being taunted and teased, it bothered me on many levels. I know what bullying is like, and I’ll agree that it’s awful. However, I felt that such changes were drastic and that there... Read more »