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4 Ways to Make Natural Consequences Work

By Denise Rowden, Parent Coach


At Empowering Parents, we’re often asked about appropriate consequences. But in many cases, the most effective consequences require you to do nothing at all. Most of us learn nicely from our mistakes or missteps. If we drive too fast, we might get a ticket – an expensive lesson. Our children are no different. They learn well... Read more »

Mother holding her hands in front of her face to shield herself from her negative child

Chronic Negativity in Kids: 4 Survival Tips

By Denise Rowden, Parent Coach

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Let’s face it, we all have bad days. And sometimes kids seem to have never-ending bad days! Nothing ever seems good enough or makes them happy. Kids can get stuck in negative patterns, especially during certain stages of development. Here’s how to deal with chronic negativity at home. 1. Know that Negativity is Part of Normal Development... Read more »

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The Gift of Unhappiness

By Darlene Beaulieu, Parent Coach


When I was eight years old, my friend was invited to a neighborhood birthday party and I wasn’t. There was ice cream cake and the promise of a piñata. I was devastated. My parents could have asked the neighbors to invite me. They could have sent me along to the party uninvited. They could have come... Read more »

The word FACTS spelled out using colored blocks

Coach Advice: Stick to the Facts

By Denise Rowden, Parent Coach


As a parent coach (and a mother), I remind myself and others to “stick to the facts” when parenting in difficult situations. What is "Stick to the Facts?" "Stick to the facts" is shorthand for focusing on your child’s behavior - not the way that behavior makes you and your child feel. Why Should I "Stick to the... Read more »

Build Your Parenting Team

By Denise Rowden, Parent Coach


Imagine a crowd cheering you on each day as you parent your kids. They encourage you, support you, and maybe take over for a bit when you need a break. As parents, we need all the support we can get. That’s why I talk to parents about “building their team.” Who can be your cheerleaders? Who... Read more »

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