Consequences & Rewards

Giving Kids Consequences: Exercise as Punishment



Why is using exercise as a punishment ineffective?  What's wrong with having kids run laps, or do some push-ups?  There are frequent news stories about childhood obesity, so why don’t we recommend using exercise as a way to address acting-out behavior? Let’s talk for a moment about the difference between consequences and... Read more »

What to Do When Your Ex Undermines Your Authority



With so many divorced parents and blended families out there, differences in parenting crop up all the time. If you are divorced or separated from your child's other parent, your experience may range from peaceful co-parenting to all-out warfare. Different houses with different rules and different parenting styles can make the experience of parenting even... Read more »

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It’s OK to Say “No” to Your Child (Really!)



Why are fewer parents using the word “No” and failing to give their children consequences that will make their inappropriate behavior stop? Before that question is answered, I feel there should be a word about why the word “No” needs to be in the vocabulary of every parent. From the beginning, our children look to us... Read more »