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Consequences & Rewards

What to Do When Your Ex Undermines Your Authority

With so many divorced parents and blended families out there, differences in parenting crop up all the time. If you are divorced or separated from your child's other parent, your experience may range from peaceful co-parenting to all-out warfare. Different houses with different rules and different parenting styles can make the experience of parenting even... Read more »

EP Contest Winners Part 2: More Winning Entries from “Parenting Mistakes I’ve Made–and How I’m Going to Fix Them!”

This week, we're continuing to feature more winning entries from our recent contest, "Parenting Mistakes I've Made—and How I'm Going to Fix Them!" Each of these parents offers inspiration, encouragement and good, practical tips for all of us. Congratulations again! —Elisabeth, EP Editor "How We Stopped Engaging in Power Struggles" by Joe and Cathie Locetta Our Mistake: Our teenage... Read more »