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Divorced Parents

Helping a Child Cope with an Absent Parent

Just after my daughter turned 2, her father and I separated and divorced; he was abusive and drank too much.  When my daughter was 3 her father lost his visitation privileges as a result of his continued violent and abusive behavior.  He had passed up many ‘supervised’ visits throughout the year so it came as... Read more »

Have I Been Replaced? Divorce and the Single Parent

How do you react when you discover that your children are spending a lot of time with your ex-wife’s new boyfriend? founder, RJ Jaramillo, shares his firsthand experiences. Most newly divorced men come to the realization that their new life as a divorced dad comes with a consequence: you and your ex-wife will move on... Read more »

What to Do When Your Ex Undermines Your Authority

With so many divorced parents and blended families out there, differences in parenting crop up all the time. If you are divorced or separated from your child's other parent, your experience may range from peaceful co-parenting to all-out warfare. Different houses with different rules and different parenting styles can make the experience of parenting even... Read more »

Valentine’s Day as a Single Parent: Turn the Blues Around

Certain holidays and celebrations can be a little bit more difficult than others for a single parent. Valentine’s Day used to be one of those holidays for me, but I learned some fun personal and practical family activities to celebrate without feeling the "Valentine Blues" as a single dad. Valentine’s Day with your Children The first thing... Read more »