Family Holidays & Vacations

What Does the Word “Father” Mean to You?

By Elisabeth Wilkins


How would you define what the word "father" means to you? To me, it's a man who loves his kids enough to let them make mistakes. A father is a guide and teacher, but he also cares enough to say "no" to his child even when he or she might hate him for it in the moment. That's because a father tries to do the... Read more »

Expectations for Family Vacations: Fantasy vs. Reality

By Holly Fields


Do your family vacations sometimes fall short of your vision of warm, laughter-filled, family moments?  It’s the expectation that gets us every time.  How do you picture your vacation? Is it the family talking enthusiastically around the campfire or hiking a mountain? Perhaps we dream about swimming and body surfing at the beach or going... Read more »

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