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Family Holidays & Vacations

Letting Our Little Fish Swim

As I write this, my daughter Riley, a junior in high school, is preparing for a spring break trip—a cruise from Puerto Rico to the Virgin Islands, St. Maarten, Barbados, and other islands I have only dreamed of visiting. She’ll be traveling with two of her best friends, as well as the family of one of... Read more »

Long Distance Grandma

I became a grandmother in 2010, and the experience is as delightful as I thought it would be!  My grandson was welcomed into our family with great joy.  Initially, I spent as much time as I could with him and his parents. Often, they were at my house a week or two at a time. ... Read more »

Summertime and the Living Ain’t Easy for Single Parents

Who doesn’t love summer? Well, for many reasons, single parents. First of all, it’s a financial minefield. With school out there’s full time daycare to pay for and it’s not just a tiny bump; it’s a major increase in what is likely already a super tight budget. And then there are all the enriching camps... Read more »

How Much is Too Much at the Holidays?

I often hear parents in my counseling practice who are stressed out about buying for their children during the holidays.  The sentiment goes something like “The closer we get to the holidays, the more stressed I am about how much I should buy my children. My children add to their holidays lists daily. I want them to... Read more »

What Does the Word “Father” Mean to You?

How would you define what the word "father" means to you? To me, it's a man who loves his kids enough to let them make mistakes. A father is a guide and teacher, but he also cares enough to say "no" to his child even when he or she might hate him for it in the moment. That's because a father tries to do the... Read more »