Family Holidays & Vacations

How Much is Too Much at the Holidays?

By Dr. Kate Roberts


I often hear parents in my counseling practice who are stressed out about buying for their children during the holidays.  The sentiment goes something like “The closer we get to the holidays, the more stressed I am about how much I should buy my children. My children add to their holidays lists daily. I want them to... Read more »

What Does the Word “Father” Mean to You?

By Elisabeth Wilkins


How would you define what the word "father" means to you? To me, it's a man who loves his kids enough to let them make mistakes. A father is a guide and teacher, but he also cares enough to say "no" to his child even when he or she might hate him for it in the moment. That's because a father tries to do the... Read more »

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Expectations for Family Vacations: Fantasy vs. Reality

By Holly Fields


Do your family vacations sometimes fall short of your vision of warm, laughter-filled, family moments?  It’s the expectation that gets us every time.  How do you picture your vacation? Is it the family talking enthusiastically around the campfire or hiking a mountain? Perhaps we dream about swimming and body surfing at the beach or going... Read more »

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