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Family Holidays & Vacations

How Old Is Too Old for Trick or Treating?

I'm embarrassed to admit that I was 16 the last time I went trick or treating. In a half-hearted attempt at a costume, my best friend Colleen and I "dressed up" in pajamas in a blatant and rather craven  bid for candy. Toward the end of the evening, an exasperated woman sputtered, "Aren't you two a little old... Read more »

Expectations for Family Vacations: Fantasy vs. Reality

Do your family vacations sometimes fall short of your vision of warm, laughter-filled, family moments?  It’s the expectation that gets us every time.  How do you picture your vacation? Is it the family talking enthusiastically around the campfire or hiking a mountain? Perhaps we dream about swimming and body surfing at the beach or going... Read more »

Family Vacation from Hell: Putting a Positive Spin on Things

We just returned from a fun-filled, yet relaxing vacation camping near the beach. The traffic was non-existent, the weather was great, the kids all got along and even thanked us! Oh, wait! That wasn't OUR vacation! We have spent the past several years tent camping, and the boys really love the camp ground we go to, not far... Read more »

Father’s Day Love Letter to My Husband

With Father’s Day coming up, I tend to think a bit more about my husband’s role as a father to our kids. I’ve heard of some cases where the fathers have very little involvement with their kids, in comparison to the mothers. However, that is definitely not the case in our home. My husband is... Read more »

Don’t Be a Turkey: It’s the Holidays

Regression back to our teenage selves is not uncommon during family holiday gatherings. We enter a relative's home as an adult, but somehow once we're seated at the table (and barely before the turkey has been passed around) we're behaving like we're 30 years younger. Oh, those familiar smells, faces, and conversations — coupled with... Read more »