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Family Rules & Limit Setting

How to Discipline Someone Else’s Child

It used to be said that it took a village to raise a child.  But, not every parent shares that village view anymore, particularly when it involves disciplining other people’s children.  Whether you’re dealing with a playdate-gone-bad or a step-child who is crossing the line, remember, it’s OK to set limits and ask others to... Read more »

The Importance of Setting Limits for Children With Disabilities

I went to St. Andrews College which was built for students with various disabilities. There were many students there that were paralyzed from the waist down from water skiing accidents or jumping trains. There were paraplegics, quadriplegics, and students with neuromuscular disorders. They were an amazing group of individuals who maintained their wild spirit while... Read more »

Underage Drinking: When My Son Asked Us to Serve Alcohol at His Party

My son gave me a backhanded compliment recently. I was planning our annual family Channukah party at the end of last year, trying to coordinate it with our children’s visitation schedules. Both my children and my stepchildren spend Christmas with their other parent. Since Channukah falls at different times each December, we sometimes have to wait... Read more »