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Family Rules & Limit Setting

How a “Pushover Parent” is Learning to Establish Firm Limits

This time I thought I'd offer a little hope to all the beleaguered parents who read Empowering Parents and wonder if the advice here will ever work for them. Those of you who have read my other blogs know that my 9-year-old grandson, Coby, has never been nominated for "best behaved boy of the week" and I have... Read more »

The Power of Yes: “Can We Get a Puppy, Mom?”

As many of us realize, sometimes it seems the main job of a parent is to say no.  I remember as a child waiting for a “maybe.”  At least a “maybe” meant my parents were thinking it over and there was the possibility of a yes.  Well, that is until I learned and often voiced,... Read more »

Confessions from One Mother Striving to Do It All

Attention mothers! We’re running here, hurrying there, multi-tasking, and stretched to the limit -- trying to be everything, all the time, to everybody. But sadly, we cannot. We need to slow down, choose our priorities carefully, consciously, and timed well. I notice that women seem to arrive at a magical time in life, when a dormant passion,... Read more »