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Motherhood / Fatherhood

What Emotional Heirlooms Are You “Passing Down”?

With the holidays approaching, I’m starting to take out some favorite family heirlooms, like a bowl that was once my grandparents’ and wine glasses that were handed down to me by my beloved Aunt Mary. While holding these things from the past, I started thinking about all of the things we pass down to our children, not... Read more »

Invite Gratitude into Your Life Every Day

I love November; a month filled with reminders to be thankful. It’s such a simple concept, yet we always need reminders to be grateful for what we have.  As many single parents know, me included, it’s so easy to get caught up in the mantra of wanting MORE. We want MORE money because we’re exhausted... Read more »

Three Questions Every Parent Should Ask Themselves

Every night, there are parents who lie awake wondering if they did the right thing with their children that day. Should I have yelled? Was I too harsh? Did I spend enough time with them? All of these cause parental anxiety; they are the demons we must face as parents. However, there are three very... Read more »

Chasing the Myth

A little while before my son was born, I started on a quest to track one the world’s most elusive creatures. There have been times when I think I am really, really close and have caught glimpses of this rare beast over the past 20 years. I’ve seen something out of the corner of my... Read more »

Stop the Stereotyping

For some single parents, the weight of the world often sits squarely on our shoulders. We are responsible for an incredible amount of things, duties, and actions. It’s not enough to pay the mortgage, be smart when making a purchase and keep the floors relatively clean – we are also responsible for our children. Now... Read more »

Dealing with Transitions

It’s that time of year again—the time when there’s a great deal of change happening! With some of it, you have a long time to think about what’s coming.  With other changes, you may not have much time to think, and jumping into the changes happening around you can be very stressful. Every now and then... Read more »

Letting Go of Perfect to Become a Good Enough Mom

As moms, we’re often told what we should be doing. If you believe the hype, we should be kind, loving, consistent, fun, smart, and strong, and never yell or lose our cool—all while cooking delicious meals, keeping our houses spotless, and bringing home the bacon. (If I’m lucky, I can hit one of these goals on a... Read more »