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Outbursts & Temper Tantrums

Should Police Have Used Pepper Spray on an 8-year-old?

What do you do when you're the teacher of an 8-year-old child who is spitting, cursing, screaming and threatening to kill you? You barricade yourself in a room and call the cops. Colorado boy Aiden threatened his teachers with a piece of sharpened wood trim he'd torn off the wall and said that he wanted to kill them. "I wanted... Read more »

“Gifted?” What Does That Mean, Anyway?

After my daughter was diagnosed as Gifted I still didn’t know what to think.  Okay, well “gifted”  -- that sounds good, right?  I had my 2 minutes of “Whew! What a relief!”  But, just like a mother with an autistic child, or an ADD/ADHD child, I still didn’t know what to do and it really... Read more »

“It’s Not Fair!” Is Your Child a Sore Loser?

"That's not fair!" These are the words that are hurled over my 6-year-old son's shoulder after learning he hasn't won the cooking game. We're hosting a houseful of kids over the winter break and they're taking over my kitchen, creating their own recipes and competing against each other, like on the popular cooking show Chopped. On television,... Read more »