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Parental Authority & Control

Do You Stay Mad at Your Kids and Hold a Grudge When They Misbehave? (How It Can Backfire on You)

“I am SO angry right now!!!  Why should I give my child another chance, when he’s just going to do it again?!” You're not alone if you find yourself feeling frustrated, angry or hurt by your child’s repeated heart-piercing statements or inappropriate actions.  As 1-on-1 Coaches, we hear about everything from huge curse-laden screaming matches, to lies about homework... Read more »

Why Parents Need to Speak with One Voice

One of the main differences, and problems, I see with parenting today versus when I was a kid is how parents can cross each other when it comes to parenting.  A mother I know very well is a perfect example -- she had taken to literally screaming at her six year old daughter to get her to do what she... Read more »