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Parenting Styles & Roles

Father’s Day Thoughts: Proud to Be Called “Daddy”

The other day, while at a restaurant with my family, I saw a woman wearing a shirt that said, “Moms...they’re better than dads.” I can be pretty confrontational (being a counselor, I’m accustomed to telling people what I think) but I didn’t say anything. Had I said something, I would have made reference to the... Read more »

Mom Guilt: Time to Stop Pushing the “Bad Mom” Button

On the last day of spring break, I finally managed to pull an activity together for my son. For the whole rest of last week, he sat watching T.V., playing video games and listening to books on tape. (Bad mom.) At dinner at a neighbor's house recently, our son (who is 8) put his face in the plate and ate pasta from it like... Read more »

5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Child

As parents, we all find ourselves saying things that we never thought we'd say. Here are five phrases I personally think we should avoid if at all possible: 1. "Because I said so!" Just ask yourself the following:  How does saying this build your relationship? Having a relationship means being real -- and being relational. I think it's important to be... Read more »

Are You a Helicopter Mom or a Free-range Parent?

Do you fall into the “helicopter” mom or “free-range” parent category? While I consider myself more of free-range parent, the current debate between the two camps over issues of safety, creativity and independence are worth talking about. I'll give you a real example from my life. Today I noticed my 26 month-old daughter disrobing and removing her own diaper. I had... Read more »