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Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Aggression: When Your Kids Don’t Get Along

A bloodcurdling, gut-wrenching scream interrupted the serenity of the afternoon. Moments later I saw my 11-year-old son, Ben, sprinting toward me with a look of terror on his face. An assailant was at his heels, visibly filled with rage. Despite the chaos, I stood unwavering, prepared for a confrontation. I knew the culprit well; this wasn’t our... Read more »

“I Didn’t Do It!” How to Handle Sibling Fights

When helping to curb siblings from their day-to-day arguments, you may find one or both of them denying what you absolutely know they did. Big brother walks past his little brother, and suddenly there is a downspout of tears from the younger. “I didn’t do anything” is often the lie you receive from the bigger,... Read more »

Stepbrother Rivalry: Taking It to Another Level

My children are six-and-a-half years apart, so I have always considered myself lucky that they never seemed to have sibling rivalry issues. Imagine my surprise when I met my now-husband, and a competition developed between his 2-year-old (at the time) and my then- 5-year-old son! His other son was 6 and we expected the competition... Read more »

Young Kids and Competition

Lately, it’s been all about competition in our house. E likes to play board games but he expects to win each time. If he does win, he makes fun of the person who lost. (“Ha ha, I win, you lose!”) If he doesn’t win, he cries about it. I’ve taken it upon myself to teach... Read more »

Sibling Rivalry: When Everything is a Contest

“I win!” my seven year-old son shouted triumphantly as he shoved past his ten year-old brother and raced inside the door. “No, you didn’t,” the elder retorted smugly. “I won. I had my hand on the door first.” My younger son immediately howled, burst into tears, and then promptly delivered a smart thump on the back of... Read more »