EP Round-up: Top Blog Posts of 2014!

By RebeccaW, Parent Coach

It’s that time again—where many of us stop and reflect on the year that was, and look forward to the year ahead. 2014 was an interesting year and our bloggers tackled multiple topics, from how to handle entitlement and lack of motivation in kids, to honestly discussing the emotions experienced by parents in tough situations.

For our Top 10, we chose the blogs that were viewed most by you, our readers. Thank you for being a part of the Empowering Parents community over the past year by reading, commenting and sharing our blogs and articles. As a result, 2014 has been our best year to date!

And now, I am excited to present our top blogs of 2014:

10. Long Distance Grandma

By Sandra Steiner, a mom, grandma and Parent-Blogger for Empowering Parents. You can follow more of her writing by going to her website, www.steiner-style.com

9. Do You Stay Mad at Your Kids and Hold a Grudge When They Misbehave? (How It Can Backfire on You

By Rebecca Wolfenden, parent coach, and mom of one young son.

8. Stop Just Raising Your Kids, Start Empowering Them

By Matthew Arrington, executive director and co-founder of Forte Strong, and EP blogger. Find more information at www.fortestrong.com

7. How Scary is Too Scary?

By Rebecca Wolfenden, parent coach and mom of one young son.

6. America’s Stressed Out Kids: 5 Calm Coping Skills You Can Teach Your Child

By Elisabeth Wilkins, Editor of Empowering Parents and mother of one tween son.

5. “My Kid Doesn’t Care About Anything!” How Can You Make Your Child Care?

By Rebecca Wolfenden, parent coach and mom of one young son.

4. Despite Her Unreal Proportions, Can Barbie Dolls be Good for Girls?

By Dr. Kate Roberts, EP Blogger. You can check out Dr. Kate’s website at www.drkateroberts.com, follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

3. Back to School Shopping: How Do You Battle Entitlement?

By Denise Rowden, parent coach and mother of two young adults.

2. 5 Surprising Ways You’re Showing Your Kids You Love Them (Even If They Don’t Get it Yet)

By Elisabeth Wilkins, EP Editor.

And our number one blog:

1. “Where Did I Go Wrong?” How to Handle Feeling Disappointment with Your Adult Child

By Jacqueline McDowell, parent coach and mother of one adult son.

Thank you once again for being a part of our community over the past year–we couldn’t do this without you! Be sure to let us know what parenting topics you would like to see covered in 2015!

About RebeccaW, Parent Coach

Rebecca Wolfenden is a loving Momma to her son and a dedicated EmpoweringParents Parent Coach. She earned her degree in Social Work from West Virginia University and has been with Empowering Parents since 2011. Rebecca has experience working with children and families in home settings and schools, and has extensive practice working with people of all ages who have survived significant emotional and physical trauma.

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