Father’s Day Should Also Be Exam Day

Posted June 17, 2010 by

As Father’s Day approaches, millions of dads around the country look forward to a day where they get to put their feet up, receive some nice gifts and have a day dedicated to them. It’s like a second birthday. Every father, however, should also take this annual event to ask themselves a few questions. What better day to ask, “How am I doing as a father?”

If the idea of Father’s Day is to recognize all the good things that fathers do, it is important that fathers check in to make sure they are doing good things. Now, there are the basics, like keeping the lights on. However, as my wife likes to point out to me, you don’t get credit for doing things you are suppose to do. The day you become a father you’re supposed to figure out how to keep the lights on. The questions fathers should ask themselves relate to how they are doing in terms of preparing their children to be a productive member of society:

Am I leading by example because I put their interests first instead of my own?

Am I doing the hard job of discipline consistently?

Do I show the proper amount of respect and consideration to Mom?

Can my kids depend on me to be there when it is important?

If Dad can answer yes to those questions, then he has earned a day of recognition. If not, then more work needs to be done.

If you’re a father, how do you rate on the Father’s Day exam? What do you still need to work on?


John McPherson is a leadership and management consultant in Salinas, CA. John and his wife Christina have two children, Fiona and Carson. Both John and Christina’s parents had a great influence in their upbringing, which helped them define how they would parent their children. Over the past ten years, John observed how many parenting practices have strayed from the principles he and Christina have found to be successful, and this led him to write a book on parenting, entitled "Ten Simple Rules for Being a Parent in a World Turned Upside Down".

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