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Has Homework Gotten out of Hand in Your House?

Posted by Annita Wozniak

During the president’s first State of the Nation address, he called on parents to be responsible and make education reform a success by starting at home. And then he mentioned the word my kids dread – yup, homework.

In families where mom and dad both work and children are signed up for after-school activities, the family dinner is often served in the van in transit.  There isn’t much time left for homework after dinner — heck, there isn’t much time for dinner around a kitchen table, either.

Our school is a public charter school with assigned homework almost every night.  Sometimes my daughter has homework, plus finishing classwork, plus special projects that can each fill more than an hour each evening. And if one of my kids is dealing with a focusing problem, homework time seems to last forever!

Parents in our school have mixed feelings on homework.  Some believe that there is too much homework and not enough time for fun in our stressed out children’s lives. Others simply believe that homework is busywork and that juggling homework with home time is too much. Still others are worried that our kids are falling behind, and that we need to be more stringent with their schooling, and increase the length of the school year.

Where do you come down on homework, and how do you structure it in your house? Is it too much for your kids (and you) or do you feel like teachers have no choice if they want to comply with national guidelines? Finally, if you have any tips for making homework time better, please share them!


About Annita Wozniak

Annita Wozniak grew up in a large, imperfect family in the Midwest. "As adults we have the power to build children up or tear them down," she says about the challenges of being a responsible parent, "and we never know when what we say is going to be a defining moment in a child's life." Woz is a writer and child-grower living in the Midwest with her husband and their three inspirational children. She is always learning. You can visit her website at

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