Is Your Child Bored with School, or Just Angry?

Posted March 14, 2008 by

From time to time, kids will say that they’re bored of school. There’s some research that indicates that when some kids are bored, they’re actually mildly angry. And so, I think that kids do get angry with school, it is boring sometimes. They also don’t like the responsibility of all the assignments. As they get older, these assignments don’t appear to prepare them for the adult world and they resent it, and they resent having to do them.

But parents have to be able to tell their kids that it’s their responsibility to go to school. You need to be able to say, “You have to go to school even when you’re bored. That’s your responsibility. It’s not about the mood, it’s your responsibility. If you want it to be less boring, find some more interesting things to do there to balance it out.”

Sports might be the thing that helps your child find his comfort zone at school; for another child, it might be drama. Whatever it is, let your child know that this is a problem that’s possible for them to solve.


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