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Mom Needs Earplugs

Posted by Melody

OMG, the constant cacophony of chaos in my home makes me insane!  My two ADHD children and my imaginative musical preschooler make for a great deal of noise.  Between the chatter of blatant antagonism, the shrieks of irritable frustration, and the riotous laughter of play, the decibel level in my home is frequently a +10.

I’m often embarrassed by not only the level of noise that emanates from the walls of my home, but the types of sounds.  I wonder if other parents hear the “weird” noises from their kids that I do?  There are frequently random shrieks, crazy laughter, whining & crying and frenzied screams of irritation which are always as loud as possible.  It doesn’t seem to matter what the consequence is for them when they are so loud, it is as if they are physically incapable of monitoring and managing their volume at times.  I don’t know if it has anything to do with the neurobiological issues at play or not, but it is enough to make me…. lose my mind!

Maybe it is a symptom of their difficulty with transitions and lack of structure.  For example, today my kids are particularly nutty and they have been in school for the last three days (since Wed.) but now they have three days off where each day at home holds something new.  Yes, I’m afraid my home is just NOT as structured as school. SURPRISE! (Just kidding.)

I think it is ok, and even important to allow kids the flexibility of unstructured time to play and to find out how to solve their own “boredom” problems.  Unfortunately, for my kids, that means a great deal of frustration and fighting in between the play.  I have to say though, that I do love the moments when they are playing well even more as a result .

What do the rest of you think?  Am I alone in the craziness…?


About Melody

Melody is a wife and mother of three beautiful children ages 9, 8, and 3 years, each with their own challenges. A certified teacher, now a stay-at-home mom and family daycare provider, her days are filled with activity that engage a tremendous measure of energy, stamina, and courage! Melody blogs at My Twisted Stitches and is also a parent blogger for Empowering Parents.

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