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Mom Needs Training Wheels: Working through the Total Transformation Program

Posted by Lola Howle

Hi, my name is Lola Howle and I just became a “parent blogger” for Empowering Parents. Here’s a short run-down of where I am now: I recently got the Total Transformation program and began using it to help me with my 13-year-old ADD son. He is a genius at running over me, using abusive language, stopping just short of physical aggression. I look at my introduction to the Total Transformation as going back to Square One in my own childhood and learning structure, patience and logical consequences. I can’t remember ever having a curfew or structured consequences in my upbringing, so have nothing to draw upon in dealing with my son.

By the way, I’m a single mom, but his father is nearby and supportive (if rather inconsistent, like me) when backing up my rules for our son. There’s also a babying grandma in the mix – the same one who sheltered me as a child. So, I have to overcome the temptation to treat my son the same way I was raised. The difference is that my personality was very obedient and timid. My son can be obnoxious, aggressive, and argumentative. He’s also smart, funny and sensitive when he wants to be.

I’m interested in talking about not only how the Total Transformation works on my son, but how it works on me! My goal: to gain insight into how I thought parents were “supposed” to act — and translate that into gaining control in my relationship with my son. I’m hoping the end result will be wonderful for both of us. After the first week of tentatively trying a few of the introductory basics in July, I already started seeing improvement (along with some acting-out of course).

Does anyone out there use the Total Transformation Program, and if so, do you have any advice for me? Any insights you could offer this “mom who needs training wheels”? Thanks!!

Empowering Parents would like to welcome Lola Howle to EP, one of our very first “Parent Bloggers”.

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