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What to Do When Nothing Is Working

Some days, parenting is like running through a maze…no matter where you turn, each path feels longer and more tiring than the last. Just as you get closer to a solution, a new obstacle blocks your way. You’ve hit a wall with your child’s behavior. “I’ve tried everything. He’ll never change…I just don’t know what… Read more »

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Don’t Panic! Help for Parental Anxiety

It’s late. No matter how hard you try, sleep won’t come. Each time you close your eyes, your mind wanders… He’s disorganized and unmotivated…how will he keep a job? He treats me like dirt…how could he possibly handle a relationship, or start a family? …and the list goes on. When battling behavior problems, it’s easy… Read more »

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The Upside to Bad Behavior

Life is busy, isn’t it? We often get caught up in what needs to get done and focus our attention on what isn’t working, or what needs to change. This can get exhausting! By giving yourself a break and finding the positive in power struggles, you can take some of the weight off your shoulders…. Read more »

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Feeling unappreciated?

After a long day at work, you come home exhausted. The chores you asked your child to do aren’t done — again. He comes up with excuse after excuse, and you’ve had enough. Feeling frustrated and unappreciated, you blurt out, “I work hard so I can put food on the table and clothes on your… Read more »

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Good behavior isn’t “magic”

Just because you’re angry doesn’t mean you get to punch a hole in the wall, right? Right — but what if your child doesn’t know what to do instead of punching a hole in the wall? What if that’s the only way they know how to deal with feeling angry? We all experience anger (road… Read more »