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Quirks, Idiosyncrasies and Hang-ups: Does Your Child Have Any?

Posted by Melissa A

When I was a kid, I took baths in my bathing suit because I didn’t like to be naked. If I fell and got cut, I hated having to wear band-aids and out of embarrassment would walk around stretching out my dress to cover the injured spot where the band-aid sat. I slept with the covers up to my chin because I was afraid vampires would come into my room at night and felt that was the only way to protect my neck. However, I found it amusing that my best friend hated ice cream. (She did, however, like the raisins that I gave her from my lunch every day at camp, until her mom clued in my mom.)

Quirks. Hang-ups. Idiosyncrasies. Call them whatever you wish, but you’ll have to admit that you had a few as a kid, and now your kids have a few of their own. It’s what makes us unique and gives us something fun to talk about in relation to our kids. I recently was discussing my past quirks with a friend and decided to ask my Facebook friends if they had any unusual quirks when they were kids. I received a lot of responses and some had me laughing out loud. (I’ll spare my friends the embarrassment of “outing” them here, though.)

I’ve already been noticing some interesting quirks that my sons have. E has to flip his pillow every night before going to sleep. And if we don’t say goodbye to him the way he wants us to, he makes us do it over and over again until we get it right. Only then can he fall asleep.  He also cries whenever I serve chicken nuggets, but will eat them if there’s honey or sweet and sour sauce available.

Similar to one of my past quirks, M hates band-aids. He refuses to put one on even if he’s bleeding from more than a minor cut. When he had his immunizations, he cried more over having to wear a band-aid than the shots. He’s also obsessed with a certain musical theater show right now and makes me play the soundtrack, and the movie version, almost every day. He sings along with both, but yells at me if I do the same. And if he’s able to do something independently and I try to help him to speed along the process, he has to start all over again so that he can do it himself. (Example: If I take his winter hat off for him, he puts it back on so he can take it off on his own.)

I’m sure I’ll always be reminded of my past idiosyncrasies, as my children will be reminded of theirs as they get older. I’m already reminding them of stuff they said or did when they were only a little younger than they are now. Please feel free to share your favorite quirks of your children from now or the past.


About Melissa A

Melissa A. and her husband have 2 young sons, E and M, and a new baby daughter. Melissa's son E has hearing loss and wears a cochlear implant. Melissa works as an administrative assistant for a non-profit and also runs a bullying prevention group and a book-related fan group, in addition to blogging for Empowering Parents. You can check out Melissa’s personal blog here.

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