How I Prepared My Teen for the Demands of the Real World

My eldest daughter, Riley, recently turned seventeen. She’ll be starting her senior year of high school this September. College is right around the corner. Then she’ll be gone, out on her own, dealing with the real world: paying bills, living with roommates, and coping with plain old jerks. The thing is, I think she’ll deal… Read more »

A Tribute to Empowering Parents’ Elisabeth Wilkins

A Tribute to Empowering Parents’ Elisabeth Wilkins

EP’s Elisabeth Wilkins lost her brave, optimistic battle with cancer last week. She loved supporting people on their parenting journey and we will continue to do so for you, for ourselves and for Beth. “There’s nothing more important in this life than love.” These were the words Empowering Parents Editor Elisabeth Wilkins left with us… Read more »

5 Tips for Safe Sleepovers

Your child is asking whether she can sleep over at her friend’s house, but you’re not sure. Is she ready? Is her friend ready? And most importantly, is it safe? Sleepovers can be a wonderful way for children to experience different family situations and how they interact. Often, when staying at a friend’s house, your… Read more »

Creating a Summer Bucket List

When I was young, roaming about my backyard and neighborhood, summer seemed endless. Ten weeks of friends, fun, beaches and fireflies. As a parent, summer seems to fly by in a blink. One minute, it is Fourth of July fireworks, and the next minute, we are back to school shopping and savoring Labor Day weekend…. Read more »

5 Things to Never Say to a Chronically Ill Parent

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just write a letter to the world expressing everything we’re too polite to say, and that could just be the end of all our awkward encounters? Well, a gal can dream, right? Yet things aren’t usually so simple in real life. Actually, things tend to get quite messy… Read more »